Harvest Moons

For the last few weeks I have been enjoying upcycling pieces I have collected which have an autumn vibe to them. They all suited different subject matter, so I've been painting an eclectic mix of pieces recently. Has been stretching as an artist, which makes it all the more fun! More to come, check back soon...

You may have noticed these pieces had already sold before I shared them on social media... they were snatched up by collectors on my Early Bird email list. If you'd like to have early access to the artwork, sign up for emails and will send you a link to the webpage with early access. 

"Tiny Death Star"
Mixed media on vintage painting on board
12.5 x 10 cm (5 x 4 inch) board
22.5 x 20 cm (9 x 8 inch) vintage frame
Original Art - SOLD
Available as : Prints & digital downloads

This tiny landscape painting has quite a dark, pre-dawn look to it… so adding a luminous moon (with a hint of geek) was what it needed to catch the eye and draw you in for a closer look and to appreciate the painting in detail.  You can watch me paint this here.

The vintage painting was unsigned, and I’ve come across at least a dozen of these commercially mass produced landscapes, framed exactly the same way, sometimes the exact composition. Painted by hand, it’s a bit of a cookie cutter style which was produced quickly and cheaply. The style has gone a bit out of vogue so it’s more common to find paintings like this in thrift stores. I love being able to give discarded art like this a second life. 



"Harvest Moon"
Mixed media on vintage painting on canvas
55 x 46.5 cm (22 x 18 inch) canvas
67.5 x 58.5 cm (26.5 x 23 inch) vintage frame

Original Art : SOLD
Available as : Prints & Digital downloads

Beautiful and foreboding, this autumn moon is no moon! 

This vintage piece was collected from a local thrift store. I gave it a clean, and rewired the back for ease to display. The vintage frame is in very good condition, a nice deep colour.  When I saw this painting in the thrift store, I right away thought it needed something in the sky… I kept the moon soft to balance the warm details in the autumn landscape. You can watch me paint this here


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