Ode to the Doctor : Where did I park?

"Ode to the Doctor : Where Did I Park?"

Mixed media painting by Heather Castles
51 x 40.5 cm (20 x 16 inch) canvas
60 x 50 cm (23.75 x 19.75 inch) vintage frame

Original Art : $375 -- ON HOLD --
Available as : Printsdigital downloads

This surreal sunset and folky style painting is really unusual, and right away thought of the TARDIS, and how it often ends up in the strangest places! 

The colour of the sky is a peachy pink, which is extremely difficult to capture in photos and film… it changes colour depending on the light it is in, which is a nice touch the collector of the original painting will enjoy. I’ve gone with a lighter shade for the prints and digital downloads. 

The original vintage painting by Fleury ’95 was rescued from a thrift store. I repaired the buckling canvas, and freshened up the inside trim of the frame with a bit of white paint. The wood frame is sturdy and wired to display on the wall.   

What’s your favourite Dr Who episode? Mine is the episode where the Doctor and Amy travel back in time to visit Van Gogh… and I loved the painting “The Pandoric Opens” painted in Van Gogh’s style featuring the Tardis.    

Watch me paint "Ode to the Doctor : Where Did I Park?"


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