FAQ - Digital Downloads

So you've collected a printable digital download, now what?! 

Most of the time it is pretty straight forward to upload the file to a printer (say from your phone) but sometimes local printers can be particular about file sizes and types. So here are some tips to help you on your way to printing your nerdy art! 

Ways to use your Digital Download

Display on a screen : 

This is a wonderful way to display the XL digital files, so you can enjoy all the imperfections of the artwork (cracks, texture, colour variations, luminosity.)  

Print on your own printer : 

This is as easy as opening up your file and hitting print! Please keep in mind that most home printers can run a little "hot" with the colours, and automatically bump up the intensity of the colour. You may need to play with your printers settings to get the colour you want. 

Print with an online print service: 

I love printing online, it's nice and easy uploading files and having the prints delivered. BUT, I have found every online printer is different with the file sizes and types they require. If you have troubles, I recommend giving their customer service a ring as they will be able to walk you through what they require for their printable files. They may also have a location you can bring the files into on a thumb drive, and they will take care of it for you.  


If you need some help with printing your digital files, please read through and see if any of your questions are answered below... if you still need help, no worries, just drop me a note

My download link isn't working

If this happens, try closing the browser and restarting it... if the link still doesn't work, just drop me a note and I can resend the link! 

How to change the file format : 

These printable are PNG because it is a high quality for digital printing. If your online printer does not let you upload a PNG, you can change the format of the file. I recommend changing this on your computer so you have more control over the quality of the file (better quality means better prints!)

On Mac, you can :

• Open the file in Preview
• File > Export > Choose JPG (Maximum size)

On Windows : 

• I'm not sure, lol! But there are a lot of searches online If you figure it out, please let me know what you did so I can help others out, too! 

How to reduce the file size : 

For poster size prints, I've included a full-sized printable file (over 50mb) so that you have the option to print a high resolution print at full size. This file will be too big for many online printers, but often you can bring the file to them on a thumb drive and it's ok! 

For less than poster size, there should also be a smaller sized printable (just under 50mb) in your download... this is the SAME file I use here on the website for my on-demand prints. These print very nicely up to poster size, and I have written a recommended maximum size in the product description. 

If you require a file smaller than 50mb, you can custom resize the image for what you need. 

To resize the file on a Mac, you can :

• Open the file in Preview
• Click Tools > Adjust Size
• Change the size, but do not change the resolution (should be 300dpi) 
• Note : I like to have the original file opened beside the new one, so you can zoom in and compare to make sure the end result is sharp enough 

To resize the file on Windows, you can :

• I don't know, lol! Please let me know if you find a quick way of doing this that works for you so I can share it with others! 
• Note : I like to have the original file opened beside the new one, so you can zoom in and compare to make sure the end result is sharp enough 

If you can think of any other tips that would be helpful, please let me know! :)