FAQ - Commissions & Fandom Requests

I love hearing your ideas for art and am open to commissions! Feel free to drop me a note to chat about ideas or ask about my availability for commissions.

(FYI, I'm a mum of three kids, so I only work on ideas that are family-friendly because my kids are around when I'm painting! )

--This is the way. So say we all. Peace and Long Life. Always. Heather

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like a painting with something in it from [insert fandom here] 

If you are keen on a particular fandom, drop me a note to tell me all about it! Then, I recommend signing up for my email newsletter

My newsletter comes out once a month or so, and you'll get a link to the Early Access page here on my website. On that page I share my current work in progress, as well as some vintage pieces I've collected and am still considering ideas for. You can send me your ideas for those pieces, or put your name down for something that's already in the works. You can follow what I'm working on in Stories on Instagram.

Then when those paintings are ready I will get in touch to give you first dibs to collect it... but if you'd like to pass there's no pressure / commitment, and I offer it to the next person who is on the waiting list for art. Easy! 

Do you take altered art commissions?

Yes, I do take commissions... I just have a bit of a waiting list for my availability. Drop me a note to tell me about your idea!

With my altered art commissions, they do depend a lot on what vintage art I'm able to find and is available. Sometimes an idea doesn't work with the pieces I have already collected, so it takes me a little time to source something just right for it. So if you have an idea you are after, let me know and I'll keep my eye out for a vintage piece that works best with that idea.

How much does a commission cost? 

It varies on the size of the art and the complexity of the commission. Drop me a note and I can give you an estimate. 

I have my own vintage painting, will you alter it? 

Yes, I am happy to alter artwork that belongs to you! While I am very careful, any alterations made to the art are done at your own risk. Shipping costs both ways are also your responsibility. 

Will you make prints of my commission?

By default I retain all reproduction rights to my artwork, including commissions, and may create prints and digital downloads from that artwork. If you would prefer me to NOT reproduce the artwork, the cost of the commission will be more.  If you wish to commission artwork that you want to reproduce and sell yourself, please chat with me about this and we can change those terms. 

Any more questions?

...drop me a note!